I’ve written articles for The National, The Wire, Ultra Travel, The Guardian, Time Out and Profile magazine on subjects as diverse as mirror neuronsMartin ParrparentingSyrian monasteries and silent disco

Selected articles

Dad Matters

A weekly column about parenting (2009–2011)

Martin Parr

Interview about his latest book on the indulgences of the super-rich

Antony Gormley

Remarkable metal sculptures in Western Australia's desert

The Mani, Greece

On travelling through the land of The Iliad and The Odyssey


On music in Yemen

Deir Mar Musa, Syria

How a monastery in the Syrian desert became a centre for dialogue among religions and cultures

Silent disco

Forget booming sound systems and deafening drum and bass, silent discos are the future

Mirror neurons

On the relationship between what we see and what we do

Peter Sanders

Interview with the photographer about The Art of Integration