I’m a writer, designer and technologist. I run a web design and development studio called We Are Thought Fox.

Working with agility guided by user needs, I lead teams who create digital products that people enjoy using, making the most of an organisation’s resources. I have lots of experiences in discovery and alpha phases, using design methodologies to define problems and develop and test solutions. I'm also an experienced web developer who creates standards-driven CSS, HTML and JavaScript built for mobile, accessibility and performance. Take a look at my work.

I’ve also done a fair bit of writing and editing for publications such as The National, The Wire, Ultra Travel, The Guardian, Time Out and Profile magazine. Read some of my writing.

I enjoy working on the borders of editorial and technology experimenting with new forms of storytelling and developing new ideas and approaches.

Image showing me and my daughter re-enacting The Dreamers by Bill Viola
I'm on the right