Top 10 rail journeys

Trains hark back to a different era, when travel was unhurried and journeys took days rather than hours. The recent resurgence in travelling by train has much to do with the way it dwells on the things flights hurry over. Trains counter the disorientation of air travel. They join the dots between departures and arrivals, putting the focus back on the journey as much as the destination. These remarkable train routes, which pass through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, revel in luxuries - not only of things like food and accommodation but time as well. They make you savour each kilometre travelled and remember the experience. If that all sounds a tad indulgent, it’s worth pointing out that train travel is much less polluting than a similar trip by air.

  1. Eastern and Oriental Express
  2. Danube Express
  3. The Maharaja’s Express
  4. El Expreso de la Robla
  5. Blue Train
  6. Venice Simplon Orient Express
  7. Polar Express
  8. The Royal Scotsman
  9. Bernina Express
  10. The Canadian

You can read the full article which was published in The National on 14 May 2011.