The web is about access

Notes from @aarongustavson's talk at Responsive Day Out.

The web’s strength is its reach. It’s the best way to share information. Reach, adaptability and flexibility are its strong points. Universal design is a way of providing access to as many people as possible.

The web is about access. We need to focus on good experiences for all. We all have special needs.

Be conservative in what you send, be liberal in what you accept.

Postel’s law.

Think of experience crafted as a continuum which is appropriate. We can’t control the world only our reaction to it. Embrace diversity.

No one knows his place in society, his class position or social status, nor does anyone know his fortune in the distribution of natural assets and abilities, his intelligence, strength, and the like. I shall even assume that the parties do not know their conceptions of the good or their special psychological propensities. The principles of justice are chosen behind a veil of ignorance.

John Rawls — Theory of Justice

Interface is conversation with users

Steph Hay

The future will be about designing for gesture and voice. Experience as a continuum starting with text.

Audio available here