Recently - May 2015

A mooring in Twickenham
A mooring in Twickenham


A varied month. Not working particularly hard, but lots of things going on. I worked at The Sun for a few days. Caught up with lovely people (Tom and Fedon) in London. Stayed on an island in Twickenham and a sofa in Shoreditch. The Hepworth Challenge rumbled on as did the Barjeel app. Henry Moore at the Sculpture park was OK, but not amazing. Anthony and family dropped in. The Sing-a-long Sound of Music was remarkable: nuns clutching pints, many interjections and acting out; best bit of theatre in years.

Outcome of last month's goal

HIT. Wrote morning pages on 20 days this month.

New goal

Get going on the book. Not just research and structure, but writing at least 500 words on more than 12 days.

Grayson Perry’s Dream House was an odd program. He’s usually so in control of his material and its effects but here it was more open. Not quite gripping, but certainly interesting, particularly the tensions between art, subject, artist and audience. Lovely to see art and architecture mixing in delightful ways like Fondation Maeght on acid.

Films I enjoyed

Books I enjoyed