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10 July 2012

“The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living.”

– Fuller 1970

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01 July 2012

In communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates production, and I can hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon and criticise after dinner.


07 June 2012

Matt Thomas: “To live in Iowa – and to stay sane requires the cultivation of a vast inner geography.”

yes, exactly, that’s how I survived, isn’t it?


06 June 2012

There is between sleep and us something like a pact, a treaty with no secret clauses, and according to this convention it is agreed that, far from being a dangerous, bewitching force, sleep will become domesticated and serve as an instrument of our power to act. We surrender to sleep, but in the way that the master entrusts himself to the slave who serves him.

– Maurice Blanchot (b. 1907), French literary theorist, author. “Sleep, Night,” appendices, The Space of Literature (1955, trans. 1982).


01 May 2012

“We have to fight making propaganda,” he said to me one night at dinner.

“The media has become such a part of the war machine now that we all have to be conscious of it more than ever before.”

– Tim Hetherington


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