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27 June 2014

The very best form of self-promotion is celebration. To celebrate is to share the joy of what you do (and critically also celebrate what others do) and invite folks to participate in the party. […] Celebrants don’t reserve their bandwidth for themselves. They don’t treat their friends like a tricky audience who may throw pennies at you at the end of the performance. They treat them like friends. It’s a pretty simple way of measuring whether what you publish is good: would I do/say/act the same way with my friends? Human scales are always the best scales.

Jon Tan


25 June 2014

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.”



24 June 2014

Technology is the transportation layer of culture - understand that technology is the highway and the culture is the car and you will win

– Twitter / NaithanJones


23 June 2014

Anything worth rising towards will always be hidden by the wearisome crossfire of those who aim too low.

– Twitter / georgelazenby


20 June 2014

“Technology deployed without infrastructure, without understanding, without (support) is nearly worthless.” 

Dan Hill


20 June 2014

Spoiler alert! You finish college. Office job. Marriage, 2 kids. Own company by 38. Divorce. Kids mostly ignore you. But you know, it’s OK. 

Jeff Noon 


18 June 2014

It was miraculous, I wanted to shout into the wind, how much space opened up in your brain when you stopped filling it with a steady stream of other people’s thoughts!



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