Notes on a film - We are Legion

Here’s my notes from the film “We are Legion”

The truth is only someone’s version of the truth. You have to seek the truth out for yourself. cf Someone’s representation is only their representation. You can never fully know someone.

Nameless folks having real impact. Collective. No censorship. Freedom of speech.

I would love to live in a country where the government fears its citizens and not the other way around.

Power in relationships — various skillets, many sides. Lighthearted to serious.

Share an ethos. Freedom of expression. Without limits.

Witty pranks. Started in MIT, the Cult of Dead Cow and Electronic Disturbance Theatre

In Lufthansa case German courts ruled a DDoS attack was legal form of protest.

Anonymous - grew out of fourchan. /b/ board. Opposite of Facebook. Christopher Poole. Raw, unfiltered, nihilist.

Watch memes evolve. A gene in the realm of the idea.

The goal was to offend people. Habbo hotel - invade it with black with afro. Form swatika. Use numbers to do something interesting.

Part of bigger thing and able to express themselves. I lost my iPod. Over 9000.

Scientology is the nemesis of hackers. Treatment of critics. Creepy cult. Scientology video. Call to arms. Code of conduct.

Truth wants to be free. We want to liberate it. You cannot arrest an idea.