A few handy Mac short cuts

I was surprised when I moved from a PC to a Mac a few years ago how adrift the change of operating system left me. All the keyboard shortcuts and little tricks gathered over years melted away to leave me feeling like a computer novice. Here’s some of the most useful Mac shortcuts I’ve learnt over the last few years, posted as much as a reference for myself as anything else.

  1. FINDER - Space bar in Finder - Previews a file. Works with text, images and video.
  2. FINDER - Hold down command and double click on a folder to open it in a new Finder window. 3. CHROME - Shift + Cmd + t opens the last tab closed.
  3. TEXT EDITOR  - Shift + Cmd + v pastes text without formatting.
  4. MAC - Cmd + Tab brings up the app switcher and allows you to move from one program to another using keys. 6. TEXT EDITOR  - **A few things I can never remember:
  5. Shift + Alt + 2 gives me a € sign.
  6. Alt + 3 gives me a £ sign.
  7. Shift + 3 gives me a # sign.
  8. Cmd + Arrow goes to beginning or end of a line.
  9. MAC - Cmd + Alt + Esc brings up the Force Quit panel.
  10. FINDER -Press enter with a file selected to rename it.